Beyond its practical aspect, the woman’s watch is an essential accessory of the wardrobe. Proudly displayed on your wrist, it defines your style. Comfortable and elegant, Beaubleu’s watches have everything to please women.

A sober and elegant design

Unlike typical men’s watches, women’s watches must be thin and light to not bother the owner.

Indeed, as women generally have a thinner and more delicate wrists than men, a too-large dial would bring a too-coarse aspect to these timepieces. With a dial of only thirty-nine millimeters wide and a thickness measuring less than one centimeter, Beaubleu meets this demand for finesse and elegance.

Each range offers a casing in a variety of all-purpose colors. In addition, the straps of each frame are made of leather and are easily interchangeable. This gives you a wide range of possibilities.

The essence of the brand is without a doubt the round hands that give a graceful and original aspect to this exceptional jewel.

Beaubleu Paris Vitruve Origine Cognac round hands automatic watch limited edition made in France lady

A women’s watch of astonishing quality

Beyond comfort, Beaubleu watches are made with quality materials in our Paris workshop.

Powered by automatic movement, Beaubleu women’s watches are designed to last over time. This mechanism, recognized by all watch enthusiasts, promises great reliability and ensures quality timepieces.

Unlike quartz watches, automatic watches remain a safe bet that can be passed down through several generations.

Our watches are designed to suit every moment of your life. Whether as a gift or simply to please yourself, Beaubleu watches will accompany their owner for everyday life as well as for a special events.

Already in its early days, the men’s watch was considered much more than a simple accessory. As an integral part of our wardrobes, this object full of finesse can reveal a lot about its owner.

At Beaubleu, watch enthusiasts will have something to satisfy them and we tell you why.

An automatic watch for enthusiasts

With their automatic movement, Beaubleu’s models are above all intended for lovers of watchmaking and above all, of beautiful watches. By pooling French, Swiss and Japanese know-how, we work every day to provide exceptional quality. 

We put a point of honor on the quality of our watches, that is why they are animated by the automatic movement called “Miyota 9015”. Of Japanese origin and stemming from a tradition of more than a hundred years, it is mainly renowned for its reliability and the quality of its parts.

Based on Swiss know-how, our watches are made with the greatest care in our workshop located in the heart of the City of Light.

Beaubleu Brio Bleu Klein montre automatique aux aiguilles rondes assemblées en France

The men’s watch brand with a sober and original design

The design is an important aspect to decide in the choice of a watch. Beaubleu is a brand of men’s watches that offers sober frames that can suit all tastes. Among its strong points, you will find:

Discreet, original, interchangeable with an exceptional quality, our watch brand is perfectly suited to the needs of men for their daily life as well as for all kinds of events. 

There are two distinct families of watches whose characteristics will make all the difference on your wrist. With an automatic watch and a quartz watch, there are two schools of thought. Between automatic and manual winding, let’s clarify this together.

Automatic watches, excellence for enthusiasts

These are the most popular models among watch enthusiasts. The reputation of the automatic watch is now well established. With the simple movement of the wrist, the watch winds itself without requiring energy via a battery or other battery. Whether you wear it daily or more exceptionally, kinetic energy remains the main ally of this mechanical beauty.

Without electronic components, owners of automatic watches prefer these models to take full advantage of a frame decorated with atypical movement hands.

Overall, these intricate accessories are considered above all an elegant piece of jewelry that will endure over time. 

Article | mouvement Miyota 9015 VS ETA 2824

Quartz watches, reliability at the tip of the hands

Although they are often disparaged by enthusiasts of exceptional watches, quartz watches remain the most popular. Generally within the reach of all pockets, quartz watches are often the most attractive.

Thanks to the simple impulse of a battery and a fine quartz plate, the hands ensure an incomparable regularity and fluidity.

Less fragile and smaller in size, they have been seductive since their commercialization in the late sixties. Unfortunately, this relatively recent technology puts aside entirely the know-how of the watchmakers. This is why this category of watches is not recommended as a gift for an enthusiast and will not be worn by connoisseurs.

Moreover, with a quartz watch, a more regular revision is required. First of all, because the batteries have a limited life span and the mechanism of these watches does not stand the test of time. Where a mechanical watch will only require a check-up ideally every five years, it is recommended to take a quartz watch to the watchmaker every two years.

Choosing the right watch is particularly laborious. That’s why Beaubleu offers an original range with a customizable and versatile design to meet everyone’s needs. 

Christmas is fast approaching and it’s the perfect time to think about gifts!
Today, one of the most important jewels in our wardrobes is without a doubt the watch. Quartz, mechanical or automatic, which woman’s watch to choose ?

The different types of watches to offer for Christmas

Whatever your gender, it is important to pay attention to the way a watch works. Indeed, it can be quartz, mechanical or automatic, and it is sometimes difficult to make a choice.

Quartz watches are probably the most common. Their operation relies mainly on a battery that is integrated into the watch. This gives us a lot of advantages, especially the accuracy of the time. Clearly, the mechanism will not cause any shift or loss of seconds. In addition, thanks to a mechanism small format, this type of watch can offer frames thin enough.

Mechanical watches, on the other hand, are the oldest timepieces. They are based on a manual winding mechanism. No batteries are required for its proper functioning. However, it is quite laborious to find a mechanical watch at an affordable price. It is a manufactured work that can take several months to complete. 

As for automatic watches, they are based on the same concept as mechanical watches, but do not need to be wound manually. Thus, this confers several advantages :

This information is crucial to help you choose a watch for women or for men. 

Beaubleu Union collection Brio Vermilion Red circular hands automatic watch made in France

Why is a Beaubleu watch good for a woman?

In order to choose a watch for women, the main criterion is undoubtedly aesthetics.

It is not necessary for a woman’s watch to be adorned with rhinestones, diamonds or other precious stones. However, a watch with a feminine look must be sober. A woman’s watch should be wearable in everyday life as well as at a reception or an important event.

One of the other essential criteria is undoubtedly the thickness of the watch. In fact, a woman’s watch should not look too big. Therefore, the thickness of the case must be less than a centimeter.

The last important thing about choosing a watch is the movement. Some people want what is called a “real watch”. When these words are spoken, mechanical and automatic watches are meant and more and more women want to own one.

Beaubleu Paris offers mixed watches that appeal to women. With its unique design adorned with round hands and a reduced case thickness (9.4 mm), it will suit both men and women. In addition, the watches we make are equipped with a precise and durable automatic movement.
For a Christmas gift, the watch Olympe in white alabaster that you find in illustration of this article is a sure value that will delight its recipient.